Virtual Coach Playmaker

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Product Description

Virtual Coach Playmaker
Online Coaches Account (Share Playlist Online)

Virtual Coach Playmaker Features

– 11 offensive & defensive players move at your control
– Virtual players follow the exact route you draw
– Control players speeds and directions during routes
– Insert questions at any time
– Insert coaching points for right or wrong answers
– Control points scored for right or wrong answers
– Create playlist with multiple Virtual Coach plays
– Preset formations and coverages for offense and defense
– Show or hide route lines
– Set uniforms to any color
– Insert high school, college, or pro hash & numbers
– Set labels for each player
– Set over 11 offensive and defensive stances for each player
– Save formation for only offense or defense
– Set hash color to any color
– Throw visual football at anytime
– Set jersey numbers for each player
– Set skin color for each player
– Stop animation for blocking
– 360 Camera View
– Red highlight over player with a question
– Upload Virtual Coach playlist online
– Coaches can send players invites to create their own Virtual Coach accounts
– Players can log-in and play playlist on smart phones in App Store, Google Play, or online at
– Coaches can view high score list online for each playlist
– Custom Uniforms
– Virtual Reality Supported
– 3 Camera View Options
– Player Movement Control in Virtual Reality
– Throw Ball