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Major programs that have consulted with Virtual Coach

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“We started a true freshman QB this year and having Virtual Coach allowed him to mentally rep ours plays an infinite amount of times to perfection giving him confidence in his ability to execute our playbook.” – Noel Mazzone
“We are going to use Virtual Coach because it is a better alternative to a black and white playbook and even video installs. It will capture the young players attention because it is an interactive install.” – Kliff Kingsbury
“Virtual Coach is going to find a place in everyone’s playbook and meeting rooms and you’re going to be left behind if you don’t get it as soon as you can. It is the newest and greatest tool a coach can have.” – June Jones
“Virtual Coach will be a part of our weekly preparation. It will be a great way to teach concepts to our players in a way that encourages participation and allows us to track their results instantly.” – Mark Hudspeth


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