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Virtual Reality Video Training

Now in NEW 4K Quality! 360 video filming lets you go right back into practice through Virtual Reality. It is almost as if you have your helmet back on! Players can now train any time, any where.

Virtual Reality 3D Training

The ultimate teaching tool! Install any concept in 3D to give your players mental reps. It is proven to accelerate the learning process and through virtual reality, train your players in there exact perspective from the field.

Hologram Training

The future of coaching is here! Give your players a visual at any time or any where through the use of holograms.

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         VAR "Virtual Augmented Reality" provides cutting edge software to train football players through the use of Virtual Reality and Holograms. Since 2010, head of VAR Austin James has trained players virtually all over the world and at all levels. Austin's commitment to innovate ways to improve player development led to the creation of VAR Systems which provides the latest and greatest technology for training players.


What our clients say

“VAR Football is cutting edge and you will be caught left behind if you don’t get it as soon as you can.”

June Jones

“A. J. is the guy when it comes to virtual training for players. We had things no one else in the country at UCLA.”

Noel Mazzone

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