Coaches who recommend VIRTUAL COACH


“Kids these days are about interaction and Virtual Coach brings it into a form they are use to. Instead of using a traditional playbook for installments, we are going to use Virtual Coach because it is a better alternative to a black and white playbook and even video installs. It will capture the young players attention because it is an interactive install.” kliff
Kliff Kingsbury
Texas Tech Head Football Coach
“With Virtual Coach, you eliminate all the time in practice you have to spend teaching your scheme. Players can log in, take your tests, know their assignments, and when you go to practice you can spend all your time practicing fundamentals and execution. Knowing your assignment is the very first step in being an A+ RATE coach.”  wade
Wade Phillips
Denver Broncos Defensive Coordinator
“My whole life revolves around kids as a father mentor and coach to the youth as well as NFL athletes. As an NFL Analyst and High School Head Coach at Prime Prep Academy, I’m required to constantly evaluate players. Today’s Athletes are getting Bigger, Stronger, Faster and More Athletic, but NOT smarter. Due to a lack of True Understanding of the Game. Virtual Coach is the missing link to creating a Smarter more Confident Player! This tool will certainly assist you to making it to PrimeTime.” deionsanders
Deion Sanders
NFL Hall of Famer
“Players will love the program. They can reassure themselves they know their assignments and get mental reps any time of the day. I can check the players scores and make sure they know what they are doing before we go out on the field. Now that I have used Virtual Coach, I wouldn’t coach without it.” glanville
Jerry Glanville
Former NFL Head Football Coach
“Virtual Coach will be a part of our weekly preparation. It will be a great way to teach concepts to our players in a way that encourages participation and allows us to track their results.” hud
Mark Hudspeth
University of Louisiana Head Football Coach
“Virtual coach is going to find a place in everyone’s playbook and meeting rooms and you’re going to be left behind if you don’t get it as soon as you can. I think it is the newest and greatest tool a coach can have.”  june
June Jones
Former NFL Head Football Coach
“Virtual Coach allows players to see the game from a coordinators perspective! With the ‘Game Mode’ feature, players can compete against their opponents before games as many times as needed to ensure they have the confidence to perform on game day!”  jason
Jason Phillips
University of Kansas Co-Offensive Coordinator
Jeff Reinebold
Hamilton Tiger-Cats Special Teams Coordinator
“Due to the limited amount of time in high school football, we do not have the pleasure of having player meetings to talk about our scheme and plays before practice like the colleges do. With Virtual Coach, it allows you to get those things the colleges get and more on your players own time and under your complete control.”  jbooty
Johnny Booty
Former Evangel Christian Academy Head Football Coach (Shreveport, La) 
*1999 National HS Champions