Future Virtual Coach Updates

Virtual Coach has some exciting new updates that will release in the near future!

Virtual Coach 3D App

Our app available in the Apple app store will update from 2D to 3D.

Estimated Release: July 31st, 2015


Video Playback Support

A feature that was taken out of the previous 2D version will be added back in. Video playback in Virtual Coach playlist will only be supported in offline mode.

Estimated Release: August 1st, 2015


Video Reality Mode

A new feature that will be added to the Virtual Coach Player is Virtual Reality Mode. Within a click of a button, you can attached yourself to a player on the field. You will need to purchase your own Oculus Rift headset to use this feature.

Estimated Release: August 31st, 2015


Virtual Coach Editor 3D

The Virtual Coach Editor will be updated from 2D to 3D along with various new tools to make the creation process easier. “Throw Ball” will be added back in the new 3D editor giving you complete control of the trajectory of the football.

Estimated Release: December 31st, 2015