How to “Create Custom Uniforms”

Custom Uniforms are only available if you have purchased the online subscription.

Getting Started

Custom uniforms are 512 x 512 computer images .PNG or .JPG that one can edit and upload when you submit your playlist online. To create a custom uniform, you will need a photo editing software such as MS PAINT or GIMP, which are both free.

Listed below are default uniforms you can save, edit, and upload with your playlist.

 uniform1 uniformg uniforme  uniformd uniformh uniformc uniforma   /homepages/41/d549904976/htdocs/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/uniformb19

The layout of the uniform texture is highlighted below.


YELLOW – Helmet

BLUE – Jersey

RED – Pants



Using the layout information above, I am going to fill in the colors I want using GIMP software. After I fill in my colors, I will take my “C” logo and copy & paste it on the helmet.


Notice how I have tilted the “C” at an angle. All logos must tilt this way on both sides in order for the logo to be even on the helmet in 3D.

Now in the Virtual Coach Editor, I have selected Team -> Bottom / Top Team -> Uniform -> Team Colors -> Number Display -> Light

You can choice between black and white numbers. Since my jersey is dark, I selected white.





If you find that the procedure to create a custom uniform is hard, you can request for a custom uniform by emailing

Please be detailed in your request and attach the helmet logo in the email.